So, I’ve discovered a handy little thing to help me keep in touch with the kids. Oovoo. It’s video teleconferencing via the web and it’s FREE. You can download it here. The big plus was that it only takes two steps for my computer illiterate (I mean that in the nicest way, Mom) mom to dial us, plus she already figured out how to leave us video messages. Pretty cool. Still working some bandwidth issues, but hey, anything that let’s me see my kids while I’m deployed is worth it.

That said, I’ve been slacking off on my to do list. I’ve got a ton of stuff to accomplish before long and yeah, I’m waiting until the last minute to do it. Like finish medical readiness. Wills. You know, the important things. Got to get cracking.

Oh and in the keep myself busy department: I accomplished 5000 words today in my latest WIP Saving Trent. Not bad in the way of occupied so I don’t sit around and miss the kiddies. I’m hoping to have this book done before the new year.

That’s all for now!