It’s not often that extreme amounts of manual labor result in a good day, but today was it. My kids got to spend it with their entire family on my husband’s side as we did some remodeling at my in law’s house. It was great and one my oldest will remember for a long time as her uncle let her help drive the Bobcat. I have pictures. It was great. But the best part was that my kids got to spend time with their mommom and poppop, something they don’t get nearly enough time doing. Now mind you, mommom hooked them up with marshmallows so she’s forever in their good graces, but it was a really great day for memories. And after all, isn’t that what today is for? Making memories…

So here’s the thing. Take a minute out of your day and hug your kids. Even when you want to smother them, give em a quick squeeze. Make that the memory they remember, instead of fighting over eating pizza. Cause you might not get the chance tomorrow to make a better one.

That’s all for now!